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Indiemotion is a creative platform for art in movement founded by Kàartik. Bloomed in a journey between Italy and the Indies to produce performance art, events and creative methods of movement, dance and yoga. Promotes the interdependence between ancient world indigenous traditions and their decolonization with new technologies. Thinks global, act local, in network and community for a planetary culture.

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indiemotion evolution


- the idea of the project was born in 2006 within the Danceproject Dance Festival in Trieste where I organized the India e-motion event to highlight elements of contamination between East and West. I told the story of flamenco as a form of intercultural art that led nomadic gypsies to incorporate gestures and rhythmic steps from traditional Indian dances. On that occasion, I presented the performance of a flamenco dancer alongside that of my first Indian dance teacher Ujwal Bhole who introduced me to her culture of origin.

- in 2007 I formed the India e-Motion Dance Company together with the other students of the Indian master, creating shows articulated by dance and yoga performances between tradition and innovation. This company released professional dancers who continued their artistic career in Italy and neighboring Slovenia. For many it was the beginning of a professional journey and as group leader I am happy to have encouraged them to continue their studies and research. This experience allowed me to discover my motivational vocation as a choreographer.


- in 2008, in collaboration with various local realities and supported above all by the Province and the Municipality of Trieste, India e-Motion produced a Festival on the occasion of World Peace Day. I designed a program consisting of conferences, open lessons, culinary tastings, market exhibitions, shows and concerts. On this occasion I learned to manage not only a group of artists but also the whole network of local associations, institutions and sponsors, managing to create an intercultural event with a message of peace and solidarity.


- 2009 was a very intense sabbatical year. I decided to attend the Yoga teacher training course at the International Center for Yoga Education and Research, in Pondicherry in India. A former French colony, where Auroville was also born, one of the first examples of intentional communities for men and women of every nation, creed and political trend. The community life of the ashram, in close contact with the socio-political context of Auroville, was the experience that allowed me to learn about new sustainable economic models.


- in 2010 I consolidated the Indiemotion educational methods in the synthesis of training courses in Yoga, dance and movement. Back in Italy I founded the cultural association Mayura to teach at regional level in schools, academies and youth centers, as well as riding the social wave of Flash Mobs that I choreographed and coordinated on several occasions involving masses of children, young people and whole families. Thus I began to realize the value of bodily movement for cultural regeneration and social innovation.


- in 2011 there was a clear break: from the educational experiences with children I switched to those for an adult audience, with the production of the 5 Klesha show, aimed at bringing the philosophy of Yoga into the form of performance art. The 5 Kleshas are the afflictions of the mind or poisons of the heart: ignorance, ego, desire, hate, fear of death. I tried to artistically express these evils through different media and thanks to numerous collaborations of artists, meeting the public in the form of open talk after each performance.

- 2012 was the year marked by the Existences project, conceived by the Regional Animation Theater Center with the aim of translating existential themes into theater, dance and movement, comparing the two generations at the antipodes of human life. Through the Indiemotion method I was involved in the training of over 900 children in the schools of the Region, side by side with 100 seniors from the rest homes of Trieste. I coordinated 1000 people for a Flash Mob that required a lot of logistic and organizational commitment for the big event in the square.      


- in 2013 I made a transformative trip to Hawaii as a volunteer to Kalani, one of the largest eco villages in the world. Here nature, culture and well-being coexist in a community that offers educational and sustainable activities, aimed at enhancing biodiversity and indigenous tradition. I volunteered in the horticulture department and studied the Hawaiian dance of which I recognized the origins in common with Indian dance. I enriched my training with water movement methods and joined the Ecstatic Dance music movement community.


- in 2014 Indiemotion produced an innovative event for the tourism promotion of Trieste: the NauTramBus, a spectacular itinerary inspired by the book by Jan Morris "Trieste and the meaning of nowhere". NauTramBus is an airship that combines the charm of the old Tram, the modernity of the bus and the myth of the Nautilus. Numerous local artists and creatives have collaborated on the show on board a bus transformed into a nomadic cinema. In this experience, for the first time I found myself managing the entire organizational machine as a producer, director and creative director.

- in 2015 my interdisciplinary research between art, science and technology with the production of BharaTech intensified, to tell the story of another journey, this time on board the Vimanas, the flying temples of Hindu gods. Bharata is the ancient name of India and Tech acronym of technology: association born by observing the drawings of ancient flying machines in Hindu texts, described with many technical details. This study of ancient and new technologies inspired me to deepen the scenic interactivity between dance, holographic projections in video and light design.

- in 2016 Indiemotion celebrated its first 10 years of evolution by turning on the Ecstatic Dance Italy movement in a green area of Trieste artfully set up to host different local realities. An event produced in collaboration with Bloom Network, a network of young global activists, dedicated to social inclusion through the exchange of products and services offered by people, groups and organizations. We shared several creative methods for connecting body, mind and spirit, focusing on the theme of interdependence.

After a long and complex process of transformation, Indiemotion has confirmed that it is a pulsating node in the network of local, national and planetary realities for cultural regeneration. It combines ancient and new technologies, between indigenous traditions and social innovation, for the production of events, education with creative methods and organization of transformative journeys. My vocation as a nomad visionary is to facilitate these experiences and processes of growth, in the spirit of collaboration for a better world, aware of the value of art in movement.